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Being a native Danish translator completely fluent in both Danish and English, and having lived and worked in both Denmark and the USA for more than 25 years in each country, I will translate any text in either direction. Over the last 12 years I have translated more than 3 million words in a wide range of subjects—from a fiction novel to court documents, equipment manuals, and Danish law on financial instruments.



I have worked in the field of editing and proofreading for over ten years. Whether you need an article, an academic paper, a webpage, a blog entry or a personal document edited, I have an eagle eye when it comes to spotting errors or awkward phrasing. At the same time, I ensure that the final document expresses your intended meaning and tone.


Legal documents are often written in a language all of their own. They can be very stylized and differ from country to country due to tradition and formalities. This poses a particular problem in translation. However, this problem is overcome with experience and specialist legal dictionaries.


In today’s world technical inserts and manuals are needed for all manner of machinery, instruments and equipment. Using one of the best Computer Assisted Translation tools with Translation Memory ensures speedy and consistent translations plus savings on any repeated text, which would not need to be retranslated.


Financial texts are another area requiring knowledge of special terminology which are handled with special dictionaries, experience and my special translator education from the University of Southern Denmark.


With over 25 years of experience in mentoring students and business people from all over the world, I specialize in editing and proofreading documents from writers who are not native English speakers. I work closely with you to ensure that your language flows well and that your intended message shines through. I will even give you a few tips on how to improve your writing.


A website often serves as the storefront to your business. Well-written text that communicates clearly and attracts potential customers is vital. Incorrect grammar and spelling or awkward sentences can create doubt in the mind of the reader. High-quality writing reflects high-quality goods and services. As an experienced copywriter and copy editor myself, I know how to make lively text that engages the audience.

MEDICAL WRITING Journal Article, Master Thesis and PhD dissertation

Once the content of your thesis or dissertation has been organized and approved, I can provide you with a thorough language edit to eliminate mistakes as well as confusing or awkward phrasing. During the process, I maintain open communication with you so that as a team, we can ensure that you are happy with the final result.

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Who We Are

Pedersen Translations is a family business that has grown organically as a result of years of language-immersed work, in both Denmark and the United States of America.

Jude Pedersen

Jude Pedersen received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Texas at Austin. She is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, America’s most prestigious academic honor society. Upon graduating, she headed to Japan, where she lived and taught English for three years. Jude has been working as a proofreader and editor for over ten years. In 2010, Jude and her Danish husband, Hans-Henrik moved to Fyn and began providing tutoring and language services. When she is not sitting at her computer, Jude loves to run and she sings in a band.

Hans-Henrik Pedersen

Hans-Henrik has been teaching privately and in various companies and associations since 1972. With 26 years of experience teaching and translation in the United States, he established Pedersen Translations in 2007 in New York and in 2009 transferred the company to Denmark. In 2010/11 he did 4 semesters of additional education as a translator at the University of Southern Denmark specifically covering the areas of finance, technical subjects and legal. Over time he has personally translated more than 3 million words.

Client Testimonials

We’re happy to share a word from some of our clients:

Thank you for your friendly and professional translations. We know we can always count on you.

Lisa Johanson

CEO Lifelong Learning Denmark

I was very pleased with the quick and professional language review. The manuscript was accepted without further revisions.

Bo Laksáfoss Holbek

Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery Copenhagen University Hospital Rigshospitalet

Jude Pedersen has been outstanding in making this document more coherent and readable.

Dr. Lee Sheldon

Author of The Ultimate Mouth Manual

We have worked with Pedersen’s Language Services for several years now.  We have always found their work to be high quality as well as their attention to getting us exactly what we want. Also, we get excellent service and delivery is always prompt.  We really appreciate their work on the many writing projects we have.  Thank you!

Gilleard Dental Marketing

I’ve used Jude’s assistance for language editing of my PhD thesis and of scientific papers before submission to international journals. Jude works very thoroughly and puts a great effort into making sure that she understands the intent of my writing before editing. She keeps a positive attitude in all communication and answers her mail almost 24/7 ?

It feels safe to work with Jude.
Dorthe Schøler Ziegler

Kiropraktor, Lecturer, PhD Rygcenter Syddanmark, Sygehus Lillebælt Institut for Regional Sundhedsforskning

Hans Pedersen has done a number of translations for me. I find that I can always rely on him delivering the product timely and with high quality. He has done legal documents, data sheets, instruction sheets and general subjects.

My experience with Hans has been extremely good and I can only recommend his work.
Oleg Lavrinovich

CEO EUTranslators

I got to know Hans Pedersen through his translation of my 90.000 word novel ”The Forgotten Massacre” from Danish to English. Hans was chosen among three qualified translators who submitted test translations. To me as an author, it is essential that the language tone, which is my signature, is retained in the translation, so the product is a combination of the work itself and the translation. Hans has capably retained this language tone

Peer Holm Jørgensen


I have been extremely happy with Jude’s help. It was very easy and clear working with her corrections and comments on my thesis.

It feels really good to be able to hand something in after it has been so thoroughly worked over. I also feel that I have gained more knowledge of English grammar and language, which is useful for me in the future.
T. G.


Jude has helped me with language review of two scientific papers.

She has been clear, professional and thorough in her revisions, and I look forward to working with her again!
Julie Wulf Christensen

Department of Nuclear Medicine, Herlev and Gentofte Hospital

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